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IEI's Information Warfare Systems

Summary - IEI has worked alongside distinguished members of the US intelligence communities, developing advanced artificial intelligence systems for both the "light" and "dark" sides of information warfare.

Details - In 1996, PC AI magazine published our founder's article "Neural Networks that Autonomously Create and Discover." This short introduction to the Creativity Machine® was read with delight by leading visionaries in the world of information warfare, who at the time were employees of a large government contractor chock full of retired "spooks." Inspired by this article, that company and IEI carried out a number of projects that included digital deception, intelligence analysis, network intrusion detection, and information infrastructure attack, all under the umbrella of IEI's extensive patent suite in artificial neural networks. The sharable fruits of such efforts were presented at InfowarCon 2000 and 2001. The final effort undertaken with this group was that of building STANNO/GMF/Creativity Machine based Internet health monitoring systems for the National Communications System (NCS). This demonstration system was able to successfully detect worm, virus, and denial of service propagation and perform the necessary rerouting of packets in the event of such mischief. 

Thereafter, IEI embarked upon an effort to build an extensive suite of attack signature filters based upon its revolutionary GMF concept, obviating the need to hand-code such objects. Using such filters, Creativity Machine paradigm was harnessed to create the most sophisticated "honey pots" and "carnival mirrors" known to mankind. Using the very tempting IEI web site as a lure, hordes of would-be hackers made off with torrents of, guess what, misinformation...

Surfacing into the consciousness of the intelligence community, IEI was recruited in 1998 to build a semantic parser that could resolve meaning of natural language, written or spoken, in a manner that was consistent with overarching context. Impressed with its ability to autonomously understand and organize accumulated information, without the use of laborious templates, lookup tables, or "if-then-else" programming logic, the software was licensed by the principals of the Able Danger effort, in both pre- and post-911 data mining efforts.

Thereafter, higher-ups in government, thought it might be cool to use machine intelligence, specifically Creativity Machine paradigm, to perform spin control on news headlines across the world. To those of you who have followed the IEI web site from 1996, a comical offshoot of this program was the "International Expirer," a Web-based Creativity Machine that offered up spontaneously generated tabloid-like misinformation. Although a major draw to the site, it was decommisioned in 1999 to avoid any liabilities stemming from this witty, yet loose-lipped AI.

...And yes, we do work the commercial side of the world.

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