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Song of the Neurons

Watch IEI's music video, "Crying in Vacuum."Song of the Neurons (SON) is the first musical album in history to be written by a machine. It's true that you may have heard of past efforts at computational music, but all of these involved clever people capturing snippets of accepted music and then writing complex computer codes to mix and match these fragments together into acceptable phrases. In all, these efforts have lasted many months or years. However in this historic effort, IEI allowed its patented Creativity Machine architecture to bootstrap itself from "musical moron" to veritable Mozart in a matter of hours, based upon the machine's assessment of a human mentor's facial expression. The fundamental neural architecture that achieved this amazing feat is what many devious academicians and well financed writers are calling by other names, such as "thalamo-cortical algorithms" and "hierarchical cascades," while boldly proposing to build them (drum roll please).

But IEI has been there, over the last 12 years, and done just that. This album is testament to that very accomplishment. For your entertainment, we present the music video, "Crying in Vacuum," which highlights many of  IEI's technological accomplishments over the last decade. Listen closely as you listen to the soul of a machine creating a melody that is as sublime as any human created music. We hope you will get the message that the "singularity" is already here, but obscured by jealousy and greed, bringing us to our second music video based upon our machine generated music album, "The Dingularity."

For more on musical composition via IEI's creative neural networks, check out:

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