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    The simple, elegant, and inevitable path to human level machine intelligence and beyond, the Creativity Machine Paradigm, US Patent 5,659,666 and all subsequent foreign and divisional filings.


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Tailored Creativity Machines

Summary - IEI builds its Creativity Machines to order and delivers them as value-added resale on your choice of hardware platform.  Such invention and discovery systems can arrive pre-trained and ready to deliver innovations or be capable of bootstrapping brilliant ideas from scratch behind closed doors.

Details - For years, major international corporations have contracted Imagination Engines to build narrowly focused Creativity Machines for their particular field of endeavor. For instance, in 1998, IEI delivered new Dell workstations to a major aerospace company to perform military resource optimization against hypothetical foes. Since, that pattern has been repeated time and time again, as other companies and institutions have requested specialized Creativity Machines in such areas as materials research, process optimization, and robotic control.

Typically, we have encountered three scenarios in building tailored Creativity Machines depending upon the extent of prior knowledge in the customer's area of interest, as well as the prevalent confidence in any preexisting data they may have access to:

(1) The customer possesses copious amounts of what they consider to be reliable data. In that case, we are able to build and deliver non-adaptive Creativity Machines (DAGUIs) that utilize IEI patents and trade secrets to formulate new products, services, and strategies. Such DAGUIs are capable of "dissecting" themselves to point out critical factors and schema contributing to any given concept's success.

(2) The customer has no data or preexisting models whatsoever and would like an adaptive Creativity Machine (DABUI) to bootstrap from a totally blank slate to produce new, viable products, services, and strategies. Such systems may incorporate feedback from human beings, or if completely automated via sensor and actuator suites, autonomously discover and invent, thereafter making this useful information available to the client. Thereafter, the DABUI is capable of submitting its neural modules to rule extraction to better understand how it has arrived at such concepts and strategies. To many customers, such an understanding is superior to having ideas presented to them on a "silver platter," simply because it stimulates further human thought.

(3) The buyer possesses limited amounts of reliable data and/or models, but would like to extend the frontier, so to speak, beyond the current body of knowledge. In this scenario, IEI essentially seeds the adaptive Creativity Machine with the available data or allows it to rapidly absorb the preexisting models. Thereafter, the DABUI is able to rapidly expand beyond what is known into what can be. Oftentimes, the IEI discovery system is able to point the user in the right direction, toward optimized concepts or strategies. Further, all neural modules within the DABUI may be rapidly analyzed for critical factors and the logic it has captured from raw experience and data.

Within each of these fundamental scenarios, Creativity Machines have not only recommended valuable new concepts and strategies, but generally stimulated thought within the client organization as if it had acquired a brilliant new employee. Imagine if you, your organization, or company possessed such a worker, devoid of ego, and capable of working every nanosecond, 24/7, in the discovery of new and profitable ideas!

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